Good Morning Members,
                Our MIS department is in the process of cleaning up our
servers.  There are quite a few files stored on each of them.  They have
drafted the letter below to distribute to our employees to start this
process.  They have asked me to review and give them any suggestions.
Unfortunately, we do not have an electronic system in place yet, this is a
project I have been trying to get our MIS department to work on with me.  In
the meantime most general correspondences and misc. info is filed in
folders.  I was wondering if anyone has gone through this same process and
would have any suggestions?  I personally think the first thing that should
be done is any letters, memos, etc., that should be retained according to
our retention schedule should be printed and added to the correct folder
(again we do not have an electronic system yet).  Then from there all of
those files along with anything that does not require a retention or may
even be out of retention should be deleted from the server.  I don't think
by moving all those records is going to solving their problem.  Do you think
I am on the right track or way off base?  Below is the draft from our MIS

                MIS will be performing a system wide reorganization of the
company's servers.  Users have until (date) to move their misc. files (files
not located in another subdirectory) to another folder.  Files to be moved
have the following extensions: *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, *.txt, *.pdf, *.zip,
*.wrk, *.art, *.jpg, *.jpeg , *.bmp, *.pab, and  *.pst.  After (date) all
files, with the previously mentioned extensions, located in the following
directories will be deleted.  The following directories will be audited:
-       G: Sys
-       G: Sys\Transfer
-       H: Engmain
-       H: Engmain\Eng

                Thanks to everyone for their help.

                Kelly Nelson
                McGard, Inc.
                Ex. Admin. Assistant
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