>Once again I ask, though I know this was meant in jest, is there any
>significant information regarding ELFs and there affects on people?

I know that PG&E did extensive research into this in the early to mid
1980s and found there was not significant impact to human beings from
EMFs.  This was related to numerous suits filed by people living
adjacent to high voltage transmission lines, many of which have
"greenbelts" or public parks directly under them here in the SF Bay

We lived adjacent to a greenbelt and had some concerns ourselves,
seeing as we could hear the hum of the lines at times and the
constant crackle when it was foggy and there was a lot of moisture in
the air.

Given their current financial state, you could contact them and
they'd probably be happy to sell you a copy of the report =)

Lawrence Medina
Sr. Records Administrator
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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