>>Your scanning project may or may not include records that must be retained
for long
periods of time, but anything which must be retained permanently should be
retained in its original order, and steps must be taken to see that the
health of the document does not suffer during its retention period. <<

But isn't the scanning designed to eliminate the paper? If the intent is to
scan and use only the images why retain the hard-copy unless the hard-copy
has been identified as historically significant. the rebinding effort would
cost as much or more than the pre-filming document preparation effort

Backfile conversion
On the other side I agree with an earlier poster who asked "why a backfile
conversion". Is the reference rate such to justify a backfile conversion?
Properly organized, indexed and maintained the historical files should be
easily accessible to users. maybe they should be scanned on demand.

On estimating
Richard Berlin wrote: "I used the standard of 2 linear feet of files =2,500
That comes to approximately 100 pages per inch

at the following website
the number used is 200 sheets per inch or 2 linear ft = 4,800 sheets

A very big difference. does a page = a sheet or does a sheet = two pages

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