I hope everyone realizes the RARE opportunity we're being provided
here, to have a voice at this meeting related to this NFPA standard.

While this document relates to commercial record centers and not
private entities where companies store and manage their own records,
the standard provides a series of guidelines that are key to the
proper design of a record center.

Many of us use NFPA 232 to audit current design of our centers and to
convince senior management of the need to allocate funds for
improvements in our own facilities.  Other uses are to ensure we are
compliant with many life-safety issues related to vault design, an
area where we need to be proactive to ensure we're doing everything
possible to make these environments safe for the individuals that
staff them.

While Hugh (and Diane) are offering to take our voice(s) forward on
some specific issues, this survey isn't limited to the items
included, or the choices provided.  You have the ability to type in
other responses to the canned questions and ad an opinion statement
in addition, and I for one ENCOURAGE you to!!

The standard was issued without a lot of input from the client/user
community initially, primarily all input was from the vendor/services
provider community and their concerns and focus are considerably
different than ours.

Don't miss out on this chance to be heard!

Lawrence Medina
Sr. Records Administrator
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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