Good day Larry,

Thanks for the advice... rest assured at least one list member is going to
do something.  We're meeting with our vital records committee to discuss
some of these issues and to prepare a plan for our paper and microfilm


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Subject:  Are you really the records MANAGER? Lessons learned...

I think an important "lesson learned" from yesterday might be to
ensure with the building or facility manger in which any (and all) of
the records you are responsible for managing are stored is- are you
on the emergency access plan??

Most facilities have a site access plan in the event of disasters and
emergencies (such as broken pipes, floods, electrical fires, etc.)
that pre authorize individuals to have access to areas of the
building, eliminating the need to determine who to contact to gain
access after the fact.

Another "lesson learned" should be to do a little legwork to at least
get a list of the catastrophe recovery vendors in your area, and
keeping in mind that most catastrophes are not limited to one
building or client, if you DON'T have a contract in place, you should
have a list of multiple firms to contact. And don't just keep the
list in your desk... you might not be able to GET TO YOUR DESK.

Every time I see one of these situations posted, I hope it makes AT
LEAST ONE list member go take a walk through their storage facilities
and ask a few basic questions, such as:

- When were the sprinklers in this facility last inspected? By whom?
- Who are the adjacent tenants (next door, downstairs, upstairs)?
- What do they do (type of business)?
- What is on the floor directly above this facility?
- When was the roof last inspected?
- Have the gutters been cleaned recently?
- Are you able to review the emergency plan for the building?
- Are you on the contact list for after hours fire or flood?
- Are the smoke detectors/alarms supported by battery backup in the
- How frequently are the batteries tested?

Lawrence Medina
Sr. Records Administrator
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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