Mr. Thomas:

        I suggest that you call the Society of American Archivists (312-922-0140)or
check their publications catalog at and order *A Modern
Archives Reader*. Much of weight has been written and published since 1984
(the date the Reader was published) but the Reader contains three excellent
articles on records management and records centers, as well as various now
classic articles on archival functions.

        I would make the same recommendation to anyone else seeking an introduction
to these fields. The Reader would be only a start, but it is a start.

Ed Southern

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An apology to the members of the list who have been patient
and have gently pointed out my error in understanding the
nature of an Archivist as compared to a Records Manager. My
new understanding is that a Records Manager determines
retention schedules and therefore also determines what
materials should be archived. I further understand that an
archivist is a person in charge of maintaining a facility
for the storage of materials for those who make the
determination of what should be stored in an archive.
I had no idea that I would create such a flury of responses
but I sincerely appreciate all who took the time to enrich
my education.
One last question on this subject - what is the difference
between an archive and a storage facility?
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