I work in the financial industry, and we're bound by the SEC bookkeeping
requirements for broker dealers* to store electronic records in
non-rewriteable format, which we've always interpreted as optical WORM

I'm close to the end of a search for an ARMS, but I'm having trouble
balancing our bookkeeping requirements against the need for fast access.
Retrieving from optical (an HP SureStore 320ex) takes about 30 seconds,
versus one to two seconds from magnetic.

Here are my options as I see them:
1.  Pure optical.  Purchase SmartStor Ascent Storage or the like and
configure it so everything in my RM repository instantly gets written to
optical.  Advantage:  definitely in compliance.  Disadvantage:  performance.

2.  Pure magnetic.  Advantage:  performance.  Disadvantage:  almost
certainly not in compliance.

3.  Export.  Write a VB app to export all documents that are considered
records to optical on a schedule.  Write a VB plug-in to the RM system so
that anybody wanting to pull the optical copy of a given doc can do so.
Advantage:  SEC is (probably) satisfied and users can get their docs
immediately.  Disadvantage:  I won't be able to certify my plug-in for
5015.2 without spending $20K+, which my bosses would never go for.

4.  Magnetic cache; optical store.  This is the classic HSM paradigm, where
docs immediately get written to magnetic, and get archived to optical.
Advantage:  InfiNet and DiskXtender do this out of the box.  Disadvantage:
I don't think it strictly meets the bookkeeping requirements.

I would love to find that I have other options.  How have you folks resolved
this dilemma?

* SEC-REG, FSLR 26,981, Reg. 240.17a-4, [Records to Be Preserved by
Certain Exchange Members, Brokers and Dealers]
(f)(2)(ii)The electronic storage media must:
(A) Preserve the records exclusively in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable

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