I have used it for English for the past three years and find that it
provides much opportunity for interaction with students, especially on the
peer review level for students and allowing me to put in my two cents early
in the student writing process. It also provides an effortless portfolio
system. Tell your dean it costs $60 plus per student but you can recover the
cost by vending the books to your students. However, we have paid the cost
for our DE students because it is such a boost to retention.
Sorry, I've got to run, but do investigate the program. It's made my
teaching load at a two-year institution manageable.
Dr. Christine Heilman
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Cincinnati State Technial and Community College

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Subject: Academic Systems

Tell me about Academic Systems for English (and/or reading).  Some of our
developmental math courses use the math programs, and there is interest in
some quarters in investigating the AS English offerings.

I have seen only a brief demonstration CD.  Anyone using Academic Systems
for English courses?  What should I know prior to meeting with

Terri Ackland
Central Arizona College
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