c'est tres bonne idea - that is a great idea. it would be easier on the
eyes of the prof and probably on all students. as for those who have no
access to laptops, then perhaps the test can be given in the computer lab
and allow those students to use desktops. france

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Another thought--maybe the professor could require all students to use a
laptop for such a long exam, so that it is easier for him to read--that
it would not be an accommodation.

Lorraine Lavorata wrote:

> perhaps old age is setting in for me, but can you remind me, why did
> object to the use of the laptop for the exam? reaganlorraine
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> To Lisa at the Academy:
>    Could your student who will not be allowed to use the laptop for
> 3.5
> hour exam possibly be allowed to use an AlphaSmart?  It would hold 64
> single-spaced pages in 8 files but it has no other files on it at the
> beginning (the instructor could even check to make sure it has been
> cleared
> if cheating is a concern) so all he would really have is a keyboard to
> use
> that would store his work.  If he can use the computer successfully,
> this
> might be an option.  I am on the road right now, but if you think this
> would
> work, send me a message and I will call you when I return to
> and
> give you the information.
> June Crawford

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