a listserv that should be dedicated to intellectual and pedagogical pursuits.
Then why not try and say something intelligent as was my premise on the first email. He did that a couple of years ago, but that door swings both ways. I think he should admonish those individuals that continue to carry-on their stupid, time wasting, moronic dialogue. I think butt-kissing should be limited to one day and not a couple of weeks.
Additionally, all you "sanctus" folks should get your finger out of your nose and try to say something relative to the purpose of this list.
Your response to my email just demonstrates what I have said in my emails. Some of you are just petty, little minds that have nothing to say that could be labeled intelligent.

The "RE: Enough is enough" should have easy for those of you continuing [and notice I got you off the other person case] this nose-picking dialogue. I knew most of  you would appreciate someone new to jump on for awhile - therefore I sacrificed my nice, pleasing personally to the "Alter of the Morons". As expected, you all came out with knives in hand for the sacrifice festivities. Have fun...
But limit the sacrifice festivities to one day - please.
:-) Jack

James Valkenburg wrote:

Good morning all,

    I would like to request that Guillermo admonish this individual and offer him
some perspective about the ill advisedness of flaming fellow professionals on a
listserv that should be dedicated to intellectual and pedagogical pursuits.  Having
been victimized by flaming attacks two and a half years ago on this list, I
understand the anguish all who fall prey to this individuals barbsd mush feel.  My
vote is to have him removed from the list should these attacks continue.  To those
who have come under attack, hang in there, the list administrator can and will put a
stop to this.


Jim Valkenburg

Jack Berdeaux wrote:

> I notice you are from California and I do not call names - it is based on
> experience. You sure have your share of morons in California. What's crude
> language?
> People get tired of this 'crap' by some list members and since they are to
> stupid to know when to stop, then someone needs to remind them.
> I get all these emails with nothing substance in them - maybe you guys have time
> to screw around all day with this - I do not.
> Jack
> "JanMarie Swadling, Assistant Director" wrote:
> > >Jack Berdeaux wrote:Guess we have a few morons on this list after all.
> > >It is bad enough when you have something to say - but all this "ass
> > kissing"
> > >gets to be to much.As far as spelling, go for it, just shows how petty
> > little
> > >minds work when they have *noting intelligent to say.*I just wish I had
> > >read the original posting. Congratulations to who ever it was as it has
> > >really brought out the morons on this list. Jack
> >
> > I believe that "intelligent" people do not _usually_ stoop down to name
> > calling and the use of crude language.  I'm up for an academic debate, but
> > otherwise, it's like Grandma always said, "if you can't say something
> > nice..."
> >
> > Re: interview questions- We asked our provost candidate, "Who do you think
> > signs up for and benefits from tutoring?"  The answer is very telling.  Does
> > she/he feel they fall into a stereotype or two or can they imagine the full
> > spectrum of students in search of support?
> >
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