The only problem with that is the person can just change the wording and you would have to do it all over again.
The smart thing to do is to use the list for what it is intended to be used for then Jack Berdeaux would not post his comments.

What he finds so interesting is that all you people should be working but seem to be spending your time and the tax payers time on this list making unnecessary comments.

Curtis Miles wrote:

An alternative to dropping out is to set up a Rules Wizard which will
automatically delete messages from a particular individual.  Takes about two
minutes, and saves me lots of anxiety during listserv wars.  You never even
know the message came in from that person.  Here's how to do it (for
Microsoft Outlook):

Click on Tools
Then Rules Wizard
Then New
Then "Move messages from someone"
Then (at the bottom) click on "from people or distribution list"
Type in the name (e.g. Jack Berdeaux) in the right-side column (to the right
of "From")
Click OK
Then (at the bottom) click on "specified folder" and select one (e.g.
Deleted, or I created a special folder called Junk).
Click OK
Click Next four times
Click Finish, then OK

You're done.  I've had three messages automatically sent to my Junk folder
in the last thirty minutes, presumably from Jack Berdeaux.  Whenever a
listserv war starts, I just make a Rules Wizard and let the war go on
without me.  Makes life more peaceful (except for all the messages
complaining about the person I've deleted, of course.... <grin>).

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