Hi Listers,

Blue Plate Special #2-    Should be Happy Meal #1

     I would like to end the semester on a positive, uplifting note in
celebration of  Spring, which leads me to the following questions.

1. Why did you chose the teaching method(s) you use today?
2. Did/do you have a mentor or a teacher who especially influenced your
teaching style?
3. Where do you find inspiration and/or motivation for your teaching?

     Please reply to the list or to me directly and I will compile the
results on my web site. Feel free to answer any or all or none of the
questions above or rephrase them to answer any question you wish.

    For those who wish to be inspired by Ted's story please visit my web
site at:

(For those of you who do not wish to do so I have different advice,
which is inappropriate for a web site and probably would not pass the
v-chip email censor anyway.)

     The URL above is where the blue plate special #2 responses will be
located, so please feel free visit from time to time to see what
inspired your colleagues to teach the way they do. I will add the most
recent responses to the top of the web site page so new material will be
easily accessed.

    I am looking forward to reading about many great stories.

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