Good morning listservers,
"...getting a little
the end of the semester" 
hey, academic humor--end
of semester and test. 
good one.
In a few months, we will be having
an in-service.  Our Mean Dean Jean will
provide me the dates later.  Because
she was so pleased with the feedback
about ASSET and COMPASS cutoff
scores, she hascommissioned me with
the privilege of surveying you listservers
again to provide offline to me a name or
names of a person or persons that could
address the topic of learning styles during
our in-service day or days.  I will post the
date(s) when given to me.
Good news, too.  After the budget hearing
yesterday, funding for a mattress for the cot
was approved so that an overnight stay will
be more comfortable, if necessary.  Also, the
menu has been expanded to include an option:
vienna sausages or spam with regular saltines or
wheat crackers and an apple and banana.  After
the Missouri wine, the food doesn't taste too bad.
I've attended a few learning style sessions, but
no one had us complete a learning style or
teaching style inventory and gain the
results immediately followed by a discussion. 
We will have time for pencil/paper inventory or have
time to use a computer lab for those who
attend the in-service.
Your suggestion or suggestion of a person or
persons can be emailed offline/off listserv by typing the
mail to: [log in to unmask]
On a more personal note,  over a month ago I
asked for anyone to share with me a written proposal
for a learning center or success center.  Well,
a couple of weeks ago after our consultant had
conspired with our grant writer and the proposal
was completed, I was given a lesson in proposals.
These things really dig up the dirt in order to provide
the best possible proposal.  I agree with all said in ours.
It gives us a clear picture and challenge:  now that we know, what do we do about it?  It's not the people, it's
the lack of training, awareness, and strategies for learning and reworking institutional policies towards
a goal of the best Dev. Ed. Studies we will still provide,
along with the starting a new learning center as correctly and as flexibly as possible, along with maintaining, gaining, and training and sustaining
personnel that prefer teaching and students to content,
power, and position and politics, but identifying the correct person to run that interference.
I naively walked--ran--into looking for completed, successful written proposals as examples to read without knowing really anything about it.  I didn't do my homework.  Even though ours is done, it's legally tied up til June 30.
After that, I understand that the legal issues will not
go away, just adjust to whether the proposal is accepted or not accepted for the grant  (I think that
was covered in General Education Reality 101).
Some replies to my request indicated that there would
be no sharing ever of their proposal and don't expect any others.
A sympathetic and empathetic college president who has been through these experiences took the time to
instruct me in the nature of my request, in inquiring if I
really knew what I was asking for, and giving me a personal perception of what might be being perceived
by those reading my request; consequently, I found a
university in Minnesota or Michigan on the Internet that
has a specialty library with a ton of accessible materials
on proposal writing with examples of successful proposals from different fields.
Thanks to all of you who responded with your
cutoff scores.  Mission accomplished. 
Dan Kern
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