I think the point made about instructors encouraging or requiring time in
the center is a good one. This semester our Math tutors have seen huge
increase in student use, which I attribute to a new requirement of one hour
with a tutor in that department. Our foreign language instructors also
require an extra hour per week in addition to class time, either in their
specific lab or with a language tutor. It does wonders for attendance in the
center. We are located on the main floor of the library and are usually
packed during peak hours (10 to 2). I haven't run the student use hours for
this semester yet, but have only to walk in the center to see the dramatic

Miya Squires
Instructional Resources & Services
Butte College
Oroville, CA

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Subject: Re: falling attendance

We always see a decline from Fall to Spring. We have often speculated that
students give it everything they have got in the fall and then take an
easier load in the spring. We are located on the third floor of our
administration building and have a beautiful view of the treetops.

Linda Standerford, Office Manager
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Subject: falling attendance

Who else is noticing a decline in their learning center attendance
this year?  Is your center located in the library?  Might the decline
have anything to do with the fact that students don't need to enter
the library building at all to do their research?

I suspect that may be one reason attendance has dropped in my
learning center, which is located in the library.  In the fall, we had
about 25% fewer tutorials than average, and this semester I think
the final count will show about a 50% drop in tutorials.

Of course I realize there are various reasons for visiting/not visiting
the learning center, and the reasons are often complex, and I need
to do more assessment & analysis.  I'm just speculating that as
student traffic in the library declines, so will traffic in my space.
Anybody else having a similar experience?

Lori Nielsen
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