We are located on the third floor of the campus library. Our numbers for our
services in general have increased yearly for the past seven years. Our
services include peer walk-in and individualized tutoring, study skills
classes, speed reading class, contract study tables, student athlete
academic support program, special program for students on academic

Our Center is also the contact place for limited academic support services
for students documented with a learning disability.  We usually experience
higher contacts in the fall semester due to incoming freshmen but for the
past two years, our spring semester numbers are starting to come close to
the fall numbers.

We never stop marketing our services to the University community. We have
learned over the years to never assume that students, faculty, residential
life staff, and professional staff know about us and what is available
through our Center for Learning Assistance to support the students and
faculty. We are also very fortunate at this point in time to have strong
support from our administration.

This is my two cents' worth on the discussion about falling attendance.  We
are really busy right now and I only read one or two responses to this
question earlier this morning. Our final exams begin next week!

Carolyn Griffith, Director
Bradley University

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>    I also notice a significant decline in tutoring numbers in the
> Spring.  Is there a way to overcome this problem?  Any other ideas about
> its cause?  I'd appreciate any input.  You may reply to my box at the
> address below.
>   Thanks!
>   Jane
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> Lori,
> I hope the falling attendance is not related to the library location
> since we
> are planning to relocate to our library later this summer. Our
> tutorials seem to
> be declining too--perhaps by as much as 25%. We have talked about it,
> but we our
> musings are not based on any sort of data.
> Jan
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