Do your tutors keep a record of their tutoring sessions?  Do they advise you
of their arranged sessions, time/location, etc.?  When we were
decentralized, this was crucial.  I tried my best to 'visit' each tutor in
their session, but it was tough without a central location.  I basically
used the SI model for the observation.  It pretty much covers what I needed
to observe and why recreate the wheel!

Good luck!

Karyn Schulz
CCBC Essex

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Subject: performance appraisal for tutors

I am trying to implement a more comprehensive performance appraisal program
for our tutors.  However, I am finding it difficult to observe our tutors
who have individualized contracts because we do not have a centralized
location for tutoring and the time of tutoring is arranged between the tutor
and the student.  Does anyone have suggestions?

I would also like to see some examples of performance evaluation forms.  Any
information about the evaluation procedures at different institutions would
also be appreciated.