1. Our English faculty are responsible for reading and evaluating essays.
2. No release time, stipend of $150.
3.  English faculty, Masters degree or higher


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>I would greatly appreciate your help with the following questions:
>1.  Who is responsible for reading and assessing freshmen or new student
>placement essays/writing samples?
>2.  If it's a faculty member, is that person given release time and/or
>additional renumeration?
>3.  What is the educational background of the essay reader?
>4.  If the individual receives additional renumeration, what is the
>Thank you.
>Susan Kershaw
>Director of Conwell Learning Center
>Rosemont College
>1400 Montgomery Avenue
>Rosemont, PA  19010
>phone: 610-527-0200, ext. 2399
>e-mail: [log in to unmask]
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>fn=3Asusan kershaw
>tel=3Bwork=3A610-527-0200=2C x2399
>org=3ARosemont College=3B
>title=3ADirector of Conwell Learning Center

Mrs. Susan Rood, M.A.                   "Work like you don't need the money,
Director, Disability Support Services           Love like you've never been hurt,
Co-Director, Academic Support Center            Dance like nobody is watching."
Longwood College                                        --Mark Twain
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