Just to let folx know, version 0.3(beta) of the sna package for social
network analysis in the R statistical computing environment is now
available.  You can retrieve a copy from the package web page at

or via the CRAN web site

(in the latter case, look under "contributed packages").

     This new release has many improvements over past versions, not of the
least of which being the fact that it is now documented(!).  Additional
features added since the last release include structural
covariance/correlation estimation, improved estimation of structural
distances, approximate p* modeling, and various tools for manipulating
adjacency matrices.  Also, sna now acts as a true R package (with
runtime help and the like), rather than as a source file.



PS. Bug reports (betaware being betaware) should be sent to me at
[log in to unmask]  For advice on using the program, please see the
package documentation and/or the R manual (links are provided on the above
pages); for newcomers to network analysis, a good reference text such as
Wasserman and Faust or the UCINET reference manual is strongly suggested.