Today, I have set ACK as a default option, but unfortunately, it will apply
to those who subscribe after the time I made the change.  When this list
was set up, the format included NOACK.  I changed mine immediately,
but many of you have not known the difference or how to do it.

To explain the difference, if you are set to ACK, that means that you will get
an acknowledgment from LISTSERV each time it receives and distributes
a message from you.  You will usually get it almost instantaneously, thus
relieving you of any concern of whether your post has been received and

If you are set to NOACK, you don't get such an acknowledgment.

To see how your options are set, send a command to
[log in to unmask]  as follows:  QUERY FLORIDABIRDS-L

When you receive the reply, you can easily see if you are set to NOACK.

If so, send another command, same address:  SET FLORIDABIRDS-L ACK

Remember if you have receive the acknowledgment, LISTSERV has done
its part and if you fail to get the actual message itself, there is almost
a delivery problem on your end.

Also, please look at the bottom banner on this message and see that
setting to nomail is similarly given there, as well as my addresses if you
need to write me.

Good posting!


Barbara Passmore

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