It was posted:
>The species account in The Birds of North America suggests a Texas breeding
>population of masked duck does exist and numbers at ca. 3800.

While I have no doubt that the BNA account may state this, it is apparently
not accurate.  I contacted a member of the Texas Rare Birds Committee, and
asked about this statement.  I will not directly quote this person's
response, as some readers might be offended by the language.  Needless to
say, if there are 3,800 Masked Ducks in Texas the most knowledgeable
birders and ornithologists in the state are unaware of them.

Masked Duck is a review species in Texas, and the last accepted report was
from 1999.  The Texas breeding bird atlas project failed to confirm nesting
in the state (  The
person I contacted assured me that the large private ranches where the
species might be expected to occur, are regularly covered by experienced


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