01 June 01           Bald Pt.:  Yard-(6) gray and (1) white squirrels at my

Selected Species:

Wakulla Co./SMNWR:  Pied-billed Grebe w/4 young, SMNWR.
                                      Least Bittern
                                      Black Vulture     (2), just outside
                                      Am. Swallow-tail. Kite  (1), just
outside refuge.
                                      Miss. Kite            (1), US98, en
                                      Bobwhite             (1or 2) SMNWR
Gallinule    (3)  Headquarter's Pond
                                      Wilson's Plover  (2-3), SMNWR
                                      Killdeer               (2),
Lighthouse Pool.
                                      Bl.-n. Stilt            (6+)
Lighthouse Pool.
                                      Willet                   Lots, at
least one big young.
                                      Semipalmated Sand.  Several
                                      Dunlin                  Few
                                      S.B. Dowitcher    (30+)
                                      Ring-billed Gull    (3)
                                      Gull-billed Tern    (1)
                                      Forster's Tern      (5+)
                                      Least Tern           (6+)
                                      Black Skimmer    (8+)
                                      Marsh Wren        Lots
                                      Seaside Sparrow  (2)  Lighthouse area.

Notable by absence:  Anhinga, Sanderling, Turnstone, Yellowlegs.
Knot.  (short visit).
Note: ID of Lighthouse Pool waders was limited by sun angle.  J. Murphy and
I were there from 7-8:30 PM.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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