* Florida
* Peninsular Florida from Leon County south to Monroe County
* Date 15 June 2001
* FLFL0106.15

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This is Charlie Ewell reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 6/15/01.
This report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers several South
Florida tours, as well as private guiding. For information go to or call 407-363-1360. Reports are followed
by coordinates from the DeLorme Florida Atlas & Gazatteer and the page
number of Bill Pranty’s ABA guide “A Birder’s Guide to Florida” when
possible. To leave a message or report, press any key now and begin speaking
after the tone. The next update will be on 6/22/01 or when there is new

At Ft DeSoto County Park, a TROPICAL KINGBIRD was seen and heard calling 14
June (Lyn Atherton).  The kingbird was on the power line between the tower
area entrance and the Arrowhead picnic area entrance. This is along the main
road of the park opposite the North Beach parking area.

Three SHINY COWBIRDS were seen near the Quartermaster's Storehouse/Fort
Museum 14 June (Lyn Atherton).  Check the front yard of the storehouse, and
also the natural spring well located on the Gulf-side.  Late afternoon seems
to be best.  This area is located by turning south from the main road into
the Gulf Pier entrance road.

The HEERMANN’S GULL has frequently been seen behind the park headquarters
late in the afternoon.  If not present there, it is recommended to check the
beach between East Beach/Point Turnaround and the Bay Pier.

To get to Ft. DeSoto, take Exit 4 off I-275 and go west on SR 682 (54th Ave
South) to SR 679 (Pinellas Bayway).  Turn south and follow to the park.
Stop at the park headquarters for a map and sightings info.  DeLorme p. 90,
D3; Pranty pp. 126-130

In Pembroke Pines, at a mitigation wetlands adjacent to the Broward County
SW Regional Library on Sheridan Street, the male MASKED DUCK has not been
reported seen since 9 June. It was not seen 11, 12, and 13 June.

At Price Park, one of the WHITE-TAILED KITE pair was seen perched in a dead
tree 9 June (last report by Terry Doyle). They are viewable from a distance
along a hedge on the north side of the park. Pass through the hedge and use
a scope if possible. From US-27, turn east onto Johnson, which is two
intersections south of Sheridan St. Go straight at the stop sign at 208th.
The park is on the left just past the intersection. DeLorme p. 114, D3

Good Birding!

-end transcript

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Lake Placid FL 33862.

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Charlie Ewell
Arlyne Salcedo
Cape Coral, FL
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