Hi Bill,

An article in "Birding" (32: 514-526, December 2000) that I wrote briefly
addressed the topic of Shiny Cowbird song in Florida. So far as I could
determine, all singing heard in Florida -- and apparently in the Southeast
-- has been of the "twitter song." The Cornell CD of Florida Bird Songs
includes the primary, or courtship, (gurgle) song and the chatter call, but
not the "twitter song."

The male SHCO at the mulberry tree at Fort De Soto in late April 2001 gave
frequent twitter songs, accompanied by a pointing of the bill skyward and
with ruffling of the breast feathers. I got the display on video, but the
song is pretty faint (and marred in places by talking birders and/or
shrieking Black-hooded Parakeets).

I'd be interested to hear of anybody who has heard the
courtship song in Florida.

Best regards,


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