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>Now that the duck days of summer are upon us I felt a tinge of birding
>withdrawal this Saturday. With the Masked Ducks (if ultimately they become
>verified as wild birds) closing out a personally tremendous winter and
>spring of birding (11 Florida lifers), upon completing my yardwork, I
>thought I heard a Black-whiskered Vireo calling in my yard. Well, having 20
>native species in my yard certainly paid off. I located the vireo in my
>Gumbo Limbo tree (Bursera simaruba), #86 for 7500 square foot yard list. I
>immediately quaffed a Red Stripe lager to celebrate my good fortune. This
>morning while meeting with DERM and FEC Railway at the Village Hall I heard
>another Black-whiskered Vireo calling , which turned up in our champion
>Short-leafed Fig (Ficus citrifolia). I have never heard much less seen a B-w
>Vireo in the Village and now two in just three days! While touring the local
>canal system in hopes of establishing a hydrilla removal program, by
>introducing sterile Triploid Carp, my tour saw an unscarred  6 foot Manatee
>swim into the Miami River from the FEC Canal and later saw a Swallow-tailled
>Kite over the Miami Springs Country Club. Life is good.........
>Paul Bithorn
>Virginia Gardens, FL
>Miami-Dade County
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Hey Paul:

Out of curiosity, if somehow (and I'm not convinced that this is even
possible) the Masked Ducks in Pembroke Pines were proven to be
captive/escape birds, I'd be interested to know how this would effect
your perception of seeing these birds. Would their beauty be diminished?
Would their "presence" at this small wetland somehow be less than that of
a more wild bird? Would they be "imperfect" somehow? To me, it matters
little even though I can understand that you want them to be ABA
countable. (So do I, but I've already seen them in the wild in Texas
anyway.) I've often wondered about people's perceptions of things. The
recent discussions on countable exotics vs. escapees started it. . . .

Good birding.

Vince Lucas

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