Hi Fellow birders,

Being too buzy, I can't fix the BirdChat quiz webpage for now. In addition,
due to the redaction of my PhD thesis, and a few overseas trips foreseen
for the following months, the Birdchat Quiz will be discontinued this
summer. A first break after more than 2 years of challenge !

I know many are waiting the ID of the last quiz bird. It is: Limosa
lapponica, Bar-tailed Godwit.

I hope to have a new quiz bird soon, and in between, I will post the
results (and cumulative results) at the usual URL. During the summer, the
webpage will be updated from time to time with new bird pictures provided
by the quizzers. Of course, I will inform you when the competition will
start again.

Thanks for your understanding ! Congratulations to the last winners ! Keep
in touch !


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