Well folks,

Don't adjust your ABA Florida numbers just yet.  Here is another word from
the ABA.  I have been corresponding with Blake Maybank, editor of the List
Report for ABA.  He was the one who said that RCPA is countable in TX and
CA.  I asked him about Muscovy ducks which occur on the "official" Florida
list published by FOSRC.  Here is what he had to say:

As I interpret the rules and procedures, Muscovy Ducks are countable in
Florida for one's ABA list.

Ugh, do I have to count those ugly things on my list?  Anyway, that puts me
back at 352 for last year and I think 324 for this year.  I still need to do
some research on a few things (rules, etc.)  I have to work for the next few
days.  I am going to be putting in 12 hours or so for the next few days and
then birding for about five days, so you may not be hearing from me much
until the following week.

David Simpson
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Sebastian, FL

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