Hi Chris,

In my opinion the Howell and Webb is by far the choice. Both the Peterson
and Edwards Guides are out dated. A recent revised edition of the Edwards
Guide offered little in the way of changes and the plates are poor. On the
other hand the plates by Sophie Webb in the Howell guide are outstanding,
e.g. the detailed Myiarchus plates are some of the best I have seen
anywhere. The guide includes range maps for all species and the text is
outstanding.  If you are planning a Mexico birding trip I also recommend "A
Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico" by Howell. It contains lots of info on finding
the endemics and includes trip lists for each location. I find the use of
trip lists valuable when you are trying to get an idea of what you may
realistically see, instead of wading through a list of every species seen in
the last 25 years.

Hope that helps

Kurt Radamaker

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I'm looking for assistance in selecting a guide to the birds of Mexico.  I'm
aware of three books...Peterson's, Howell and Webb, and Edwards... are there
others?  Which of these three is most preferred?  Thanks much!
Good Birds,
-Chris Borg
Big Pine Key, FL
Had two mangrove cuckoos, wilson's plover (in breeding plumes), gray
kingbird, and a slew of black whiskered vireos and white crowned pigeons on
No-name Key yesterday morning.  No antillean nighthawks or other specialties
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