This isn't about D-Day but about my of late Ponce Inlet beach days.

I have found a Wilson's Plover nest on the outer beach where I survey.  I
knew I was getting really close to it when both the male and female went into
incredible broken wing and injury displays.  I wish I had taken a video with
me.  I found 3 eggs.  And, unlike last year where their nests were right
where human trolls walked their dogs illegally, this pair seems to be very
well protected from humans, but not necessarily from the natural predators.

I believe that a pair of Willets are also nesting not far from the plovers.
If I wear long pants, rubber boots and bug spray I believe I have a good
chance of finding it.  I watched the pair court and mate on Sunday evening.
What an interesting display the male put on and such noise!

While canoeing down the Halifax River south of the Dunlawton Bridge on
Tuesday, I found 2 Oystercatcher nests- one at red marker 64 on the south
side of the river and the other at the green marker 41 on the east side of
the river, both on shelly mounds.

While checking out the Plovers the other night I found a juvenile Spotted
Sandpiper running around with the male Wilson's feeding in the surf.  The
night before that I found a Semipalmated Plover being chased by the male
WIlson's as they were both feeding.

I spotted my last Red Knot of the season on May 28.

Until the Wilson's hatch there probably won't be too much else going on.

Two Swallow-tailed Kites continue to hunt over my house just about every day
just barely above my tree line.  I am seeing quite a few around the Daytona
area but not near the numbers there used to be.  SO much of their habitat is
being felled by our  developers.  Growth must come first as we all know :-(

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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