Dave - We generally see a campus-wide decrease in enrollments for Spring
term, and that is mirrored in the numbers of sessions we provide through the
USC Learning Center.  We have been gathering data for 3 years, the
fall-to-spring decrease continues; however, there has been no significant
difference in the decrease over the past 3 years.  We assume it is "normal"
to expect lower traffic in spring semesters; we will become alarmed when our
spring numbers are significantly lower than the institution's overall spring
enrollment.  Hope this helps. -Cheryl

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Subject: question about fall to spring attendance in your learning


I hope you can help with this:

As I complete my end-of-term report for my Dean, I notice a decrease in
attendance in my learning center from fall to spring term-- fewer
students requested peer tutoring in the spring term than in the fall
term.  This mirrors my experience at my previous institution, giving rise
to a pair of questions: (1) does anyone else experience a similar trend?
(2) if so, to what to you attribute the drop-off?  (My current hypothesis
is that first-year students utilize  tutoring services in fall term
(their first) to kind of get their feet planted and then, after a
semester of college, strike out on their own.  If this is correct, usage
statistics should indicate a decline in usage among first-year students
from fall to spring.  I'm going to look into this but, in the meantime, I
sure would appreciate the thoughts of other professionals.)

Many thanks in advance,

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