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Gary Probst replied:

In your program I would suggest you have the students use index card to learn the new math vocabulary terms introduced.  Most people who have trouble with math do not know the vocabulary of math.  Most math instructors do not see math as a vocabulary course.

Check Lial's developmental math textbooks published by Addison Wesley Longman.  These math textbooks emphasize learning math vocabulary by listing the new terms introduced in each chapter like business and psychology textbooks.

"Kassel, Michael" wrote:

> Dear List,
> (note:  I had sent this out before with the wrong subject line).
> I am the Coordiantor of Academic Enrichment at The University of Michigan-Flint, and I am very interested in starting a math anxiety program.  Rather than just do a one-time workshop/info section on math anxiety, I want to have a semester-long workshop in which students with math anxiety work with tutors and faculty to acheive a greater level of comfort with math.  Something along the lines of what Sheila Tobias proposes in her work.
> To that end, I would appreciate any and all suggestions regarding existing programs, suggested texts or reference materials.  Comments on what works and what doesn't work, as well as ways in which students can be encouraged to attend such a program, especially on a commuter campus, would also be helpful.  I would be very interested in visiting a school which uses such a program, especially one in the midwest.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Mike Kassel
> University of Michigan-Flint