Hi, All,

In response to Nic Voge and graduate developmental reading programs,
National-Louis University in Chicago offers a Master of Arts in
Developmental Education, reading/writing.  This program is available online,
as well.  More can be read about it at
Information can also be obtained from myself or Martha Casazza
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Linda Sweeney
Program Director
Graduate Developmental Studies
National-Louis University

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Subject: Graduate programs in college developmental/remedial reading

Hi all,

I want to know if any colleges or universities have graduate programs
(M.A. or PHD) specifically devoted to training college
developmental/remedial reading instructors. If you know of any,
please pass on the names of these institutions. If you've looked into
this question and were unable to find any such programs, please let
me know that as well.
Many thanks,

Dominic J. Voge
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
Language, Literacy and Culture
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