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Our math department rents calculators by the semester. Students pay a $12 calculator leasing fee at the Cashier's Office. They bring the receipt showing
payment to the math lab where the calculators and leasing documents are located.  Tutors and the office coordinator (me) handle the leasing paper work.
The contract states that the student is responsible for replacement of the calculator if it is lost, stolen or damaged. It also states that students must
return their calculators within 7 business days of the end of the semester. Students are responsible for batteries after they lease the calculator.

If the calculators are not returned, the tutors or I call to remind students to return the calculators. If the calculators are still not returned we write a
memo to the Cashier's Office requesting that the students account be charged for the calculator. Once the account is charged the student can not register for
classes until the debt is paid.

The process is relatively simple, but the paper work can be a bit overwhelming. We have not been particularly strict on enforcement of the contract so we have
lost quite a few calculators.
The math lab will also loan a calculator to a student for a class period. We trade school ID's for calculators. If the calculator isn't returned that day we
call the student. So far that has not happened.
Overall, the students and the instructors are very happy with the program.

In the future I would like to use a material checkout software to track this information. I think the number lost would decrease considerably and we would have
better statistics to support the program.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me.

Carole Hanson
Office Coordinator
The Math Solution
Glendale Community College
Glendale, Arizona

We use the rental fees to buy more calculators.

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> Does anyone rent calculators to students for an entire semester?  I have heard of this idea, and I am interested in knowing some details of how it is done.
> How much is charged for a semester rental?
> Is there some kind of collateral held?
> What kind of paper work do you use? (Sample?)
> What else should I know about it?
> Thanks.
> Kathryn Van Wagoner
> Coordinator, Math Tutorial Services
> Utah Valley State College
> 800 West University Pkwy
> Orem, UT  84058
> 801-222-8411
I am out of my office until Monday, June 18.  I will review my emails when I return.

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