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In our writing center, we have 10-12 academic assistants, who may work up to
29.5 hours per week at $10.74 per hour.  Several of them are adjunct
instructors as well, but all have at least a BA.  Whoever has time enters
conference notes into the database (Access), and I deal with reports,
editing, database maintenance, etc.  So far, I run 2 kinds of reports:
Instructor Reports (weekly), which include the student's name, instructor's
name, day of visit, length of conference (up to 45 min.), comments on the
assignment/material discussed, and the assistant's initials; Academic
Assistant Reports (monthly), which are based on student exit forms.  They
include the assistant's name, #1-#5 options for answers to 3 areas on
promptness, professionalism, and usefulness of the conference.  Students
may--and do-- add comments.  I use Excel to keep track of the number of
student visits by category, conference or computer use.  And I also use
Excel for staff budget numbers for reports to the dean. I also do
scheduling, but everyone participates.  And I delegate, but most of the time
we are so busy seeing students that not much in the way of R&D has been
getting done.  Maybe this summer. . .

We also have work/study students on an irregular basis to work at the front
desk greeting students and filling out cards for them, answering the phone,
running errands, etc.

Hope this is of use.

Marcella Sherman
Writing Center Supervisor
Hillsborough Community College
Dale Mabry Campus
P.O. Box 30030
Tampa FL 33630-3030

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Hello Everyone,
   We at The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost
College Learning Assistance Center (UTB/TSC LAC) are currently reviewing
our organizational structure to see if we can find ways to increase our
efficiency.  Four priorities for us are staff organization, database
management, generating reports and task delegation.

1.  I'm interested in the number and type of staff you have.

2.  Who is in charge of database management?  Do you have a single staff
member in charge or is each staff member responsible for their own
data?  What type of data do you collect in your database?

3.  Who is in charge of generating all center reports (this includes
reports to your respective division as well as to grant administrators)
Is it the Director, the Assistant Director or does each staff member
generate his or her own reports?

4.  How do you handle task delegation?  Who coordinates task delegation?

Your responses, as always, are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your

Daniel J. Perez
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

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I am out of my office until Monday, June 18.  I will review my emails when I return.

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