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    Your information was quite helpful!  It helps give us at the UTB/TSC
Learning Assistance Center a sense of where we fit in.  I truly appreciate your
willingness to share this information with me.  Please call me at (956)983-7059
or email me at [log in to unmask] if I can be of service to you.  Thanks again!

-Daniel J.Perez

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tel;work:(956) 983-7059
org:UTB/TSC;Learning Assistance Center
email;internet:[log in to unmask]
title:SI Coordinator
fn:Daniel Perez

I am out of my office until Monday, June 18.  I will review my emails when I return.

Dr. Julia N. Visor, Coordinator
University Center for Learning Assistance
Assistant Professor of English
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4070
Normal IL  61790-4070
ph 309.438.7100
visit the UCLA webpage:      
visit the University College webpage: