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Hello all,
My apologies for inadvertently sending everyone the Thank you email
meant for one specific person.  Unfortunately, I was trying to work on
too many projects simultaneously thus leading to this blunder on my
part.  It will not happen again.  Of course, I believe this blunder
gives the perfect opportunity to show my appreciation to all  who have
contributed to this listserv  Thank you for all the ideas you share so
generously.  They really have a tremendous impact.  I  have learned more
than I dreamed possible from your wonderful insights and vast
experience.  Thank you for your time and wisdom.
Daniel J. Perez

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title:SI Coordinator
fn:Daniel Perez

I am out of my office until Monday, June 18.  I will review my emails when I return.

Dr. Julia N. Visor, Coordinator
University Center for Learning Assistance
Assistant Professor of English
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4070
Normal IL  61790-4070
ph 309.438.7100
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