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Is there a retirement community in the area? Check out the VFW and other veteran organizations and clubs. Often, they want to stay active, but can not work for pay because of risks to benefits and pensions.
Good luck,
Leslie Connery

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Hello everyone. I was wondering if any of you had some creative ways to get
an intern (or know someone willing to intern) to spend a semester in our
center at West Point (  We have a great intern
pool from Marist College to choose from in our shared academic and sports
psychology center, but their interests and main focus are on the sports
psychology side of the house.  When I have tried to find interns from
schools of education in the area (Hudson Valley, NY), their main focus is on
elementary and middle schools, so an internship at our college would not
fulfill their interest nor their degree requirements.  We don't have the
ability to work with our student population as interns because we are a
military academy and there is no work study nor any degree program that
would match our needs.  Any ideas or contacts?

Hope you are having a great summer!!!

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