Thank you so much for your input.  I will be forwarding this to the others
involved as this ball keeps rolling along.  Hope you have a relaxing and
productive summer!

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Hi Mike,

An on-line tutoring coordinator should have excellent written communication
skills because that is the medium which he/she will use the most when
communicating with tutors and tutees. Another important item is to find
who is very responsive and can also communicate that through the written
This person will often be the first contact for the on-line student
requesting a
tutor. The response should be warm, immediate, and to the point. Asking a
more questions puts students off. Make your request form get those answers
of time so that when the human connection is made, it's immediately

If your tutor requests are made through a website, it is appropriate that
have some web design and publishing skills (to keep it updated) and/or at
know the mechanics of using it. It is also helpful if they know Excel in
to keep the statistics for you. You'll want to keep track of usage because
will probably take off. Ours did. We also use an Excel spreadsheet to keep
of the on-line tutors' hours. The tutors can just e-mail it in for the pay

Hope this helps.

Take care,
Sandie Miller,
Director LACs & Support Services,
Atlantic Cape Community College

"Prutsman, Michael" wrote:

> All,
>         We are trying to write a job description/announcement for a
> Coordinator of On-Line Tutoring.  We are looking for any input from those
> you who might have done something similar in the past.  Hoping for input
> to the education/experience/personal qualities that we should be looking
> in a candidate.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
> Mike
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