Aloha all,

I've been off this list for a long time and recently resubscribed.  It's
good to be back! :-)

I'm writing to ask for help.  I'm drafting a Perkins (Vocational Ed) funding
request to establish a Supplemental Instruction program targeting courses
which are especially challenging for students in some of our vocational
programs.  We'll be asking for funding for a full-time SI supervisor for
2001-02 who will identify courses and instructors to participate in SI,
identify and train students to be SI leaders, and get the program started.
I know this supervisor will need training and that UMKC has a September
workshop that s/he should attend.  I've only read a little about SI, and
some of my questions will reflect my lack of knowledge. Anyway, I'd
appreciate responses to these questions:

- If the SI Supervisor begins work in the fall, is it realistic to have an
SI program up and running next January?  This is what our administration
wants.  I'm thinking that if we do start in January, it should be a small
pilot program, as the literature recommends...maybe two courses, or two
sections of the same course.

- After the first year start-up, would it be appropriate to cut back the SI
Supervisor to part-time, or would it ideally remain a full-time position?

- About how many hours of initial training should SI (student) leaders have?
I do know they need ongoing training sessions and meetings with the
supervisor and instructor(s).

- I'm thinking we should have some $$ budgeted for books and supplies, but
how much would be reasonable/sufficient?

- How much clerical support with record-keeping would we be likely to need?
Would, say, 10 hrs/week do it?

Overall, the items I can think of that should be in the budget are salary
for SI supervisor, clerical support and SI leaders; maybe a small stipend
for participating SI instructors; training (includes travel) for the SI
supervisor; books and supplies...did I miss anything?  I want to make sure
to ask for enough of everything.

If this topic is not of general interest, I'd be glad to continue
discussions off-list with anyone who responds.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

       beth kupper-herr

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