This is a very important topic -- especially for developmental students.

We have a one-hour per week (one credit) Seminar class each semester which has a
two-fold purpose:  to help students really understand what they want and how to get
there.  They produce a 7-8 part personal portfolio which in semester 1 focuses on
educational goals and analysis of where they really are right now in terms of
meeting those goals and what they can do to address the gaps, and career goals in
semester 2.  As well, the Seminar focuses on on-going academic advising with all
students throughout the semester -- formally at least three meetings; with some
students more.

While I like this system, so much depends on the student's internal motivation --
to want to learn and to use the support systems that are in place to help them.  We
can  encourage them and be aware of the types of help they need so that we can
direct them to them, but we can't do it for them.

I'd like suggestions for more ways to help students develop internal motivation.


David Shein wrote:

> I'd love to see these responses.  Perhaps respondents could post to the group?
> As for Bard, we're struggling with the same thing.  I got here two years ago
> and instituted a mid-term alert program- letters go out to all students who
> meet the criteria for academic warning or worse, inviting them to meet with me
> or with one of the Deans of Students.  (A horrible sentence, that was!)
> Follow-up letters and phone calls go out, and we try to do what we can to get
> those students who respond connected with tutors, with study-skills sessions,
> etc.  Similarly, students who are placed on academic warning probation are
> referred to my office at the start of each term.  This works in a
> catch-as-catch-can manner; those students who are most in need of assistance
> don't respond, and those that do respond often do so too late for us to do much
> good.  So Id like to formalize both the early warning system and the probation
> system.  Love to hear what's working for others!
> ..dave
> "Schulz, Karyn" wrote:
> > Good morning!
> >
> > I have just been asked by my dean to research schools who utilize an early
> > alert system.  Historically, we alerted students of their progress at
> > mid-term, and it was not always mandatory for all faculty. Our college has
> > recognized that we need to change our thinking and do some more pro-active
> > work with our students, much earlier.
> >
> > Any information about good programs that work will be greatly appreciated.
> > Since this information might be encompassing, please respond off-list to my
> > email directly.  That address is:  [log in to unmask]
> >
> > Thank you!
> >
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