Four members requested responses to the LISTSERV re "early alert
systems".Please excuse response if not applicable to your interests.  

For info: see 10 Hour Academic Success Seminar entitled Ten Tips for Academic
at web site

It is used for new students, slow matriculating students, students on
academic probation and as a Weekend Retreat after mid-term for students who
realize their
performance is sub-par.  An interesting option is to advertise the Seminar
through announcements by professors.  A Seminar fee (cost of book) and
registration is normally required.  For students on probation, the Seminar is
by the Dean and is taught for five weeks.  A contract between students and
provides guidelines for performance and benchmarks (mid term grades).  
Available in
Spanish: see DIEZ CLAVES

Alternately or concurrently, training tutors to pinpoint "early alert status
students" also provides a pool for Seminar attendees.  See The Master Tutor:
A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring
and pre/post assessments, The TESAT,
on web page.

Regarding success, an increase in retention of approximately 25% has been
documented for students on probation over a three year period.

Further info can be obtained.  Thank you.

Peter W. Stevens, President
The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute
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