Dear Lou and colleagues:

I had the listserve turned off while out of town last week but your inquiry
was forwarded to me.  I can address your second question on accreditation
for learning centers.

There is no national accreditation for learning centers but there are
certification and self-study projects that may be of interest to you.  A
primary link to the documents and certification programs can be found at
the NADE web page

I'll provide an overview of the documents and certification programs to
give context of their purpose.

The CAS Standards for Learning Assistance Programs (Council for the
Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) was the first document to
serve as a self-study instrument of a learning center and is in its second
edition.  The document is posted on the NADE web-page.  The purpose of the
CAS Standards is to serve as a tool in conducting a self-study for
identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your program.  It can be very
useful in conducting the self-study portion of your institutional
accreditation such as Middle States.  It can also be valuable in serving as
a checklist for creating a learning center or for expanding a program.
Both NADE and CRLA are members of CAS which assures the document represents
the profession.

The NADE Guides use the same template as the CAS Standards for conducing
self-studies of components of learning centers: Tutor services, Adjunct
Instruction (course-based learning support such as Supplemental
Instruction), and Developmental Coursework.  These were developed after the
CAS Standards in response to feedback from the profession indicating
interest in having a similar tool for component-specific self-assessment in
addition to the CAS Standards which assess an entire learning center.

I stated there is no national accreditation of an entire learning center.
But, there are component-specific certfication programs of interest to
learning centers.  Information on two of these can be found on the NADE
web-page.   The CRLA International Tutor Certification Program sets a
standard for the skills and training for tutors.  The NADE Certification
Program certifies tutor services, adjunct instruction (course-based
learning support such as SI), and developmental courses.  The third is the
National Tutoring Association which certifies individuals as tutors. See

As one of the originators of the NADE Certification project, I can tell you
that our first intent was to certify entire learning centers or
developmental education programs.  However, in conducting a pilot we soon
found that the vast diversity in how our programs are organized, in what
they offer, in size of institutions, etc. made it extremely difficult.
Instead, we then opted to certify components of programs.

I hope this helps you in your search for information.  You may contact me
off-list if your would like more information.

Georgine Materniak
University of Pittsburgh
Learning Skills Center
311 William Pitt Union
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

> Date:    Fri, 22 Jun 2001 16:24:06 -0400
> From:    Lou Labuski-Brown <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Accreditation for Learning Centers
> Hello Everyone,
> I have two questions that I would like to post.
> 1. What type of outcome assessment models are currently being used for
> learning support centers?
> 2. Who are the accreditation agencies that certify learning support
> centers?
> I am in need of information regarding institutional assessment and
> national accreditation for learning support centers. During a recent
> literature review, I found numerous resources for assessing student
> learning outcomes using learning support services, but I only found a
> limited amount of information on measures for assessing a learning
> support center's outcomes. In addition, I found even less information on
> regional or national accrediation agencies that provide certification of
> learning support centers.
> I thank you and look forward to your responses.
> Lou Labuski-Brown, Learning and Writing Center Director
> Academic and Human Development
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