1.  We have 6 full-time professional staff, 15-25 part-time professional staff and
up 50 student staff.  Pro staff include a Director, Tutor Coordinator, Data Manager,
CAI coordinator, Testing coordinator and student development specialist concentrating
in Science and Health and Wellness.  Part-time pro staff include SLA facilitators and
tutors.  Student staff include peer tutors and peer SI facilitators.
    2.  The data manager collects data generated by all academic support groups and
manages the data base.
    3.  Reports are generated by the data manager for faculty and administration that
include the raw data of students served the number of visits and contact hours.
Individal staff may request information to complete specific reports.  The Director
is responsible for overall reports to the administration.
    4.  The Director delegates responsibilities.


Susie Rood wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
> 1.  Student staff, 37 tutors and one graduate assistant/coordinator.
> 2.  The students gather information on the sign in sheets then turn them
> into the grad assistant who enters the information in the database.  We
> collect: name, date, time in, time out, class, instructor, and topic worked on.
> 3.  As center director, I compile the end of the year report from the data
> entered by the grad assistant.
> 4.  The graduate assistant coordinates with all the tutors as far as hours,
> location, payroll, resources needed and problem students.  She then reports
> to me weekly with an update and any issues.  This is a 20 hour a week
> position and my grad assistant is hopping.
> Hope this helps.
> Susie
> At 01:37 PM 6/14/01 -0700, Marc J. Oehlman wrote:
> >At CSU Monterey Bay, ASAP (the tutorial center) has the following:
> >
> >1. I'm interested in the number and type of staff you have. [roughly 50
> >tutors science, math, technology, language, 'survival skills', writing and
> >reading]
> >2. Who is in charge of database management? Do you have a single staff
> >member in charge or is each staff member responsible for their own data?
> >What type of data do you collect in your database? [ as the technology
> >dude, I am overall responsible for this area. We do have a staffer
> >whospends some of his time dealing with this- we also incorporate tutor
> >help. We collect data in roughly 30 areas for various reporting tasks,
> >including 3 grants and direct course support]
> >3. Who is in charge of generating all center reports (this includes reports
> >to your respective division as well as to grant administrators) Is it the
> >Director, the Assistant Director or does each staff member generate his or
> >her own reports? [The Director makes requests for data as needed as do the
> >individual subject coordinators]
> >4. How do you handle task delegation? Who coordinates task delegation? [The
> >Director delegates to the coordinators, who then in turn delegate to tutors
> >or staff as needed]
> >
> >Your responses, as always, are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your
> >time.
> >Daniel J. Perez Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
> >
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