In the past, I've done it through a web based questionnaire & Access as
actual homework assignments.  They get easy points as long as I can verify
that they have completed the questions.  Both methods are easy ways to
analyze the data also.  If you have a work study, paraprofessional, or
clerical assistance it can get much more basic.  Good Luck!!

Charles R. Grefer

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Subject: Assessment of instruction

> We are looking at revising the way we assess classroom instruction.  Three
> criteria are driving this process:
> (1)Quantifiable data accessible through electronic means (probably
> (2)Getting feedback from students early in a term about "class entry,"
> syllabus distribution, first assessment completed, instructor feedback,
> (3)Summative course evaluation--both quantifiable and qualitative
> If any of you have assessment forms that would help us with any of these
> three issues, please respond directly to my email!
> Thanks for any assistance,
> Dr. Mark K. Branson
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