Now, _here's_ a question we don't see every day:

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Milstein, Bobby (OD) wrote:

> Does anyone know of a character in mythology (of any culture) who might be
> associated with ties, connections, or interactions among things.  Basically
> I'm curious to know if there are any gods/angels/saints/spirits/heros/etc.
> who are thought of as patrons for putting things together.  Thanks for any
> clues.
> Bobby

If Lee Siegel's account of things is to be believed, Indra might fit your
requirements: in addition to his other mythic exploits, he was purported
to wield a magic net (!) which could transform one thing into
another.  This can be interpreted as a symbolic statement regarding the
essential unity of all things within (at least some threads of) Indian
religious philosophy, and in that sense the "net that transforms" could be
seen as a "net which reveals" if you will.  (Or maybe not.  Not my area of

Another vaguely "netty" thing which may or may not be close enough for
your purposes would be the World Tree, Yggdrasil, of Norse mythology.  A
giant ash, Yggdrasil connects all of the nine worlds of the norse
pantheon.  (Interestingly, Yggdrasil was said to be watered by the three
Norns who were - you guessed it - essentially similar to the three Fates
of Greek mythology.  And, of course, both the Norns and the Fates were
spinners of thread....)

Aside from the Fates, Greek mythology also gives us the story of
Arachne...alas, she's not really a heroine so much as the lead player in a
cautionary tale about getting uppity with the gods.  She was a weaver,
though (by profession initially, and by biology ultimately).  (Speaking of
spiders, Old Spider Woman figures in various parts of Native American
lore, but I can't recall any good stories offhand.)

Oh, and of course one cannot forget Papa Legba, a central figure in Voudou
(or however it's being spelled these days).  Papa Legba is a loa of some
importance, since it is believed that he must be invoked before other loas
can be contacted.  ("Papa Legba, come and open the gate!" goes one chant,
IIRC.)  The idea of a central intercessory figure who serves as a link
between worlds shows up in many myth systems, including two
which are familiar to North Americans: Catholicism (Mary, at least in some
interpretations), and Christianity generally (Jesus as the Intermediary
Son, a concept swiped from the Greeks).  There were a number of salvific
cults with intercessory figures in the Mediterranean area around the start
of the Common Era (including some versions of Dionysus worship, Mithraism,
certain Jewish messianic movements, the worship of god/man/heroes such as
Attis, Adonis and Osiris, etc.); evidently, the memes for belief in
anthropomorphic world-connectors were in the air at the time....

     So, anyway, it does seem that there have been many mythical figures
whose roles have involved managing connections between things.  I don't
know of any religion with a "God of Networks" (though some tech support
superstitions come close :-)), but perhaps these will be close enough for
your purposes.