This is my first posting on socnet.  I am just learning SNA: using it to
document/analyze a network of 50-100 nonprofit orgs. in a small Midwestern
city.  I am using UCINET and Pajek for sociogram displays.  Any practical
suggestions about how to design (or not design) such questionnaires?

Our first, pilot questionnaire will consist of about 12 questions.
Respondents will be asked to refer to a numbered list of about 60
organizations (all orgs. receiving the questionnaire will be on the list).
The questions will ask the responding org. to describe its relations
(quantity and quality) with other orgs. on the list (they are asked to refer
to orgs. by number only).  My sense is that such a questionnaire format will
enable us to start to plot out a network including ties (both directional
and nondirectional) between involved orgs.

Finally, does anyone know of some practical "tutorials" showing applied use
of UCINET?  For example, I'm told that "edgelist" may be a good way to enter
the data.  Where can I learn more about this procedure?

You suggestions are appreciated.

Michael Reed, Ph.D.
Kalamazoo, Mich., USA
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