My paper on the "Japanese Network State" (available in pdf. form
at link below) compares policy networks in Japan with those in US.
I will have a version comparing the US, Japan and Germany soon.  We also
have a book, Comparing Policy Networks: Labor Politics in the US, Germany
and Japan (Cambridge 1996), but it might be too technical for undergrads.
my book, Environmental Politics in Japan:Networks of Power and Protest
1998), uses network concepts to examine political process, including law and
For China, articles and book by Yanjie Bian (Dept. of Soc. U of MN, and
Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology) is good from a
network and startification and social change perspective in China, with a
theoretical perspective.
Sounds fun!

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Subject: Cross-cultural/national texts in Crim, Deviance, Networks?

Dear Colleagues,
        I've been lucky enough to have been asked recently to teach
on-board the Univ. of Pittsburgh's Semester at Sea program in
Spring 2002.  The hard part is that I now must construct syllabi
for my three courses (Social Networks, Deviance and Social Control,
and Society and Law), incorporating an explicit cross-cultural/national
comparative format.
        I'm wondering if any of you might have any suggestions for
undergraduate texts in these areas that might incorporate a fair amount
of comparative material.  Port specific material is preferred by Pitt,
so recommendations for material on Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya,
India, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), and Japan
would be especially appreciated.

Thanks ever so much,

Tim Brazill.
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