My  name is Mlle Verena Paravel, a doctoral student at the University of
ToulouseLe Mirail.
I am working with Michel Grosetti, and Barry Wellman is here informally

My research is into the role of computer mediated communication as building
scholarly community. Among the other scholarly communities I study is
Social Network Analysis.  I am interested in:

Shared collective understanding and collective identity via Socnet and
other ways of getting together for netwok analysts, such as the Sunbelt
conferences, visits, other lists, phone calls, and private emails.

The use people make of Socnet, private emails, conferences, phones, and
personal visits to:
        build and maintain relationships,
        acquire information about -

Please answer me either Publicly in Socnet (this may make an interestng
reflexive discussion), or Privately by email.

Of course, I will ethically keep all responses anonymous in my papers and
thesis unless you insist otherwise.

I look forward to presenting my findings to you personally at a future
Sunbelt conference (perhaps New Orleans, for I hear it is a French city),
and in written publications.

Merci et au revoir,

Verena Paravel

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