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On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Verena Paravel wrote:

> Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:35:36 -0700
> From: Verena Paravel <[log in to unmask]>
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> Subject: how does socnet affect your networks?
> My  name is Mlle Verena Paravel, a doctoral student at the University of
> ToulouseLe Mirail.
> I am working with Michel Grosetti
> My research is into the role of computer mediated communication as building
> scholarly community. Among the other scholarly communities I study is
> Social Network Analysis.  I am interested in:
> Shared collective understanding and collective identity via Socnet and
> other ways of getting together for netwok analysts, such as the Sunbelt
> conferences, visits, other lists, phone calls, and private emails.

BARRY: Verena, I don't think that Socnet itself leads to collective
identity and understanding; It works for this in conunction with the
annual Sunbelt conferences and the now (only) twice-annual Connections and
quarterly Social Networks journal (and the new JoSS).
Socnet fills in the long gaps between these rather infreauent events,
thereby preserving a continuing identification and sense of community. I
may have a different perspective than others because I founded INSNA and
Connections, and ran them for a dozen years. Hence, I am longer duration
and probably more central than most.

> The use people make of Socnet, private emails, conferences, phones, and
> personal visits to:
>         build and maintain relationships,
BARRY; As I indicated above, SocNet serves for me mostly to maintain
relationships, and not to build new ones. I cannot think of a single
relationship I made on SocNet first. But perhaps Newbies feel
differently. I do maintain many relationships by private emails. But for
me the meatspace of the Sunbelt conference is where I make new
relationships (as well as maintaining and strengthening old ones).

>         acquire information about -
>                 ideas
>                 methods
>                 data.
BARRY: I have not done the detailed research that you are doing; but I
have noticed a dynamic about SocNet. In addition to conference
annoucements, most discussions are stqrted by a question from the
periphery. Usually one of the more central persons answers, and then
others respond. I know that many responses are also by private email,
or like this one; both public and private. I think I have a sense that a
high proportion of discussions are about technical matters, rather than
theoretical (altho there was one on social capital a while back). There
are others on substantive issues; such as the recent request for
information about neighboring.

> Please answer me either Publicly in Socnet (this may make an interestng
> reflexive discussion), or Privately by email.
> Of course, I will ethically keep all responses anonymous in my papers and
> thesis unless you insist otherwise.
> I look forward to presenting my findings to you personally at a future
> Sunbelt conference (perhaps New Orleans, for I hear it is a French city),
> and in written publications.
> Merci et au revoir,
> Verena Paravel
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