I'm sure many of us have been wondering about our weak ties as we try to
figure out why we've received the SirCam virus/worm from people we don't
recognize.  The following should help explain some of this.

From (currently featured on the homepage):
"According to Symantec, Sircam not only gets its emails from people's
address books, but also from the cache files of web pages stored on the
infected computers. This further increases the odds of getting infected

Read on for more interesting tid-bits:
"SirCam and confidential documents -- Another MacFixIt reader found: "This
virus explains why starting yesterday I began receiving emails from a
business competitor of mine. There are attachments to the emails that
contain business correspondence of my competitor computer. This
correspondence contains price quotes, customer names and addresses etc.!"

You can follow-up on details by checking the Symantec site on SirCam:
http:[log in to unmask]

Conceptually, the interesting question - to stay SOCNET on-topic:) - is to
see how we classify a tie if it's from/to a person we've never been in
touch with but have been seen by via our Web presence.