there is yet another figure which I have found:

It is written about the king Salomon (1Ki 11), that he loved
many (around 1,000!) women from among all nations around.
Well, if it is not the networking (I mean networking with his
neighbors by political means; about other contacts I have
nothing to say), than I cannot imagine, how he could collect
so many ladies.

However, this story makes me even more suspicious about
the biblical view on the networking (clearly, collecting of his
harem from among gentiles was great sin, according to the
biblical law).

                                        Have a nice networked day!

                                                                Matej Cepl

On 27 Jun 2001, at 13:18, Milstein, Bobby (OD) wrote:

> Does anyone know of a character in mythology (of any culture) who
> might be associated with ties, connections, or interactions among
> things.  Basically I'm curious to know if there are any
> gods/angels/saints/spirits/heros/etc. who are thought of as
> patrons for putting things together.  Thanks for any clues.
> Bobby
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